Book Review: The Liars Chair by Rebecca Whitney

The liars chair

Title: The Liars Chair
Author: Rebecca Whitney

Page Count: 320


Who can she trust

If she can’t trust herself?

Rachel Teller and her husband David appear happy, prosperous and fulfilled. The big house, the successful business . . . They have everything.

However, control, not love, fuels their relationship and David has no idea his wife indulges in drunken indiscretions. When Rachel kills a man in a hit and run, the meticulously maintained veneer over their life begins to crack.

Destroying all evidence of the accident, David insists they continue as normal. Rachel though is racked with guilt and as her behaviour becomes increasingly self-destructive she not only inflames David’s darker side, but also uncovers her own long-suppressed memories of shame. Can Rachel confront her past and atone for her terrible crime? Not if her husband has anything to do with it . . .

Overall Thoughts:

I didn’t get on with this book very much, I found myself reading just to get to the end. It seemed like it never really got to the point and I felt a lot of space was wasted on describing each detail but most of it really wasn’t necessary to the story.


I liked the idea behind the book but I found it boring to read and I’m not going to be picking up another of hers books again soon.


Rating out of 5: 1.5


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