How to de-clutter your home

Okay, so you’ve accepted that it’s probably time for a clear out… so what’s the best way to go about it?

Well you’re in luck my friend! I happen to LOVE de-cluttering and throwing away junk, it’s basically a hobby of mine at this point so I’m here to share all my top tips and advice with you! However, if you know of a better way or any cool tips that could make the process more efficient then please do let me know!


Be prepared!

If you haven’t had a good ol’ clear out in a while then this could be a big job for you so make sure you’re both mentally and physically prepared!

To physically prepare, make sure you’ve got plenty of bin bags on hand and make sure you’ve set aside enough time to do it so you’re not having to leave the job half way through (fatal mistake!).

To prepare for a decluttering session, I like to put on comfy clothes (or even pj’s if I’m feeling it) and pop on some music for background noise then I’m ready to go!


Start with a clean state

I’d always recommend starting small with a corner of a room or even just a drawer so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

If you’re starting with a corner, then take everything out and put it all out of the way. Clean that area then move on to the next step.


What do you need… and what don’t you need?

Before you start putting everything back really think about the space and what will go/ fit there. Do you really need all these ornaments and trinkets on your shelves? Are these books/ dvd’s/ cd’s really necessary? Please don’t keep things just for the sake of it, you’ll just end up with a house full of junk!


Turn your trash into treasure

Now that you’ve (hopefully) got bags full of things to get rid of, it’s time to decide what to do with it all.

This is a perfect opportunity to donate to charity shops, recycle and even sell anything that’s in a good condition. Obviously you can’t sell things like used make up or damaged goods but if you speak to your local charity shops/ women’s shelters they should be able to help advise you on what they do/ don’t accept.


Rebuild your space

Now this is the fun part!

Rather than just putting everything back where it was before, really think about you space. Would your sofa be best in a different place? Do you always bump into that bookcase? Then move it! You don’t have to keep everything in the same place so get creative with it and see if you can turn your space into something completely different!


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