How to incorporate self care into your everyday life

Self care. I know, I know… I’m sick of hearing about it too! The reason we’re being bombarded with all things ‘self care’ is because most of us aren’t doing it enough, or just aren’t doing it right. I’ve seen countless posts about how you need to have a set day/ evening to practice self care and while I’m all for that, it’s not always possible to have that set time.


That’s why I’m here today, to remind you that ‘self care’ doesn’t need to be something as big as a pamper night or a holiday, it can be as small as taking 15 minutes in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. Here’s a few things that you can do everyday to look after yourself. It’s all about helping yourself relax.



Obviously we all sleep but how good quality is yours? Do you get a full 8 hours every night?


If you do.. Then that’s great! But chances are, your sleep could probably do with a little bit of improvement so start working on it now. There’s loads of things you can do to improve your sleep from winding down before bed to going to bed earlier as well as consuming less caffeine in the afternoon/ evening, limiting your alcohol intake etc. and even just making sure you’ve got a decent quality mattress and pillows.


For me, having fresh, clean sheets on my bed always helps me get a better night’s sleep!



I’m not going to lecture you about those biscuits you had with a cup of tea or the slice of cake for your colleague’s birthday but if you know that your diet could be a bit healthier then why not start doing something about it?


You don’t to full-on start weight-watchers to improve your diet, you could just switch your afternoon snack from a chocolate bar to a piece of fruit or change your sugary cereal to something a little healthier.


At the end of the day, any improvement is good and if your focus is to become a little bit healthier then you’ll start feeling better for it really quickly which will motivate you to carry on!



Which routines can be boring if you go too far with them, there is something to be said for waking up at a similar time every day, having your meals around the same time and going to bed at roughly the same time each night. The things in between don’t need to be planned down to the minute but having these ‘guides’ in place will help your body regulate itself to make everyday life a little bit easier.


Having a bit of a routine also helps when you’re having a stressful/ busy/ down day because you don’t really need to think about when you’re going to have you lunch or evening meal because you already know. It’s just one less thing to worry about.


Manage your workload

This doesn’t just mean work in the traditional sense. I mean everything you do from cooking & cleaning to social activities and downtime to work/ school.


If you say ‘yes’ to too many things then your plate will get too full and you’ll struggle to keep on top of it all and get stressed out. It’s great that you’ve got so many things to do but don’t overstretch yourself to more than you can realistically manage!


The good stuff

The good stuff is the little things that make you smile. You should do a few of these each day to keep yourself sane.


There are hundreds of options but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Taking 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee in silence before you start the day

Reading a book on your lunch break

Working out/ Going for a walk

Writing in a journal

Painting your nail

Watching your guilty pleasure tv show


Press the off button

I mentioned this slightly when I was talking about sleep but it’s a habit to be in to wind down before you go to bed. You could even create yourself a whole nighttime routine if that’s something you’d enjoy from taking off your makeup/ washing your face to getting into some comfy pj’s and do something relaxing before you get into bed so you’re not jumping into bed still tense and stressed from the day.


Some ideas I like the sound of are meditation to relax your mind, doing a simple yoga routine to relax your body and muscles and even just something simple like sitting down with a hot drink and thinking about something that soothes you.


I really hope somebody finds this post helpful and if you’ve got any tips of your own to add to this please share them with me!


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