A beginners guide to starting a blog


Are you looking to start a new blog? Would you like a little bit of advice before you get started? Well then… you’re in the right place!

Here are a few tips that I would give anyone that’s thinking about starting a blog but if you have any specific questions or you’d like me to elaborate on any of these points please please do reach out to me!

Decide what website to do it on (wordpress, blogger, wix etc.)

I personally swear by WordPress but it’s completely up to you which platform you use. I would advise doing a little bit of research before you commit to one so you know you’ll get along with it.



Decide what you want it to be about if you haven’t already



There tends to be a lot of pressure for bloggers to chose a specific niche for their blogs but you can always keep it quite open (like mine) and cover a wide range of topics if you want to.

Pick a name for your blog (make sure it’s not already taken as a website/ email address/ social media)



This was one of the hardest parts for me and it took me a very long time (before my boyfriend eventually suggested Acorn Life and Fitness) so take your time and make sure you’re happy with it before you move onto the next step!

Set up your accounts (social media, email address etc.)



I’d recommend to do this as soon as you’ve settled onto a name so that no-one else snatches up your @.


Design the layout of your blog (including colour scheme/ fonts etc.)


This is where the fun starts! Let yourself play around with all the different options until you find something you’re happy with and remember that you can change this whenever you want and as many time as you want but it’s good to decide on a colour scheme to start off with in order to make your logo/ header.


Create a logo & header for your blog and social media channels to give yourself some basic branding


Which leads me onto making your logo & header! You can always commission someone to do this for you if it’s not your forte but remember that this is what people will associate your blog with so make sure you’re happy with it! I made the mistake of not having a logo/ header for such a long time and I really wish I’d done it sooner.


Set up the basics (about page, contact, which categories/ pages you’ll have)


You don’t HAVE to do this but I find it very helpful when reading blogs for there to be clear categories so I can find exactly what I’m looking for.


Write your first blog post (try to include photos & make a note of how long it took you from start to finish)


I’m sure you’ll have a million ideas for blog posts so make sure to make a note of them all for when you get the inevitable ‘bloggers block’ and get started on that first post! I would recommend noticing how long it takes you so that you’ll know roughly how long it takes for when you’re planning your schedule. Obviously some posts will take a lot longer than other (eg. if you need to do research, get quotes, do a photo-shoot etc.) so this is just a really rough guide!


Think about how often/ when you want to post. Pick a schedule you can stick to!


Now that you know how long it takes to create a post, have a think about how often you want to post? Does once a week sound reasonable to you? Can you push it to 2 or 3 times a week? Or are you a super busy bee in which case you’ll only be able to manage 1 or 2 each month? Don’t stress about this as it’s not as important as a lot of people think it is but I think that having a schedule to stick to is very motivating to get your posts finished and scheduled to go live on time.


Start connecting/ reaching out to other bloggers. Twitter and Facebook groups are a great place to start


There are thousands of us bloggers out there so start reaching out to us, we’re mostly friendly people! You can start by following lots of bloggers on Twitter & Instagram then joining Facebook groups such as UK Bloggers and UK Blogger Opportunities and find some Twitter chats to join in with such as #TheGirlGang and #Beechat.


Share some love on other people’s blog posts


Please don’t get so caught up in your blog that you forget to share the love with other peoples! I set myself a target of commenting on at least 20 blog posts each week as well as generally interacting with people on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. If you don’t want to be as strict as this then just make sure to read lots of blogs (this will help give you inspiration for posts as well!) and leave likes and comments as often as you can. If you’d like some blogs to have a flick through to get you started here’s 50 of my favourite blogs right now.


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