Play Review: Of Kith and Kin

When I first heard about the opportunity to attend the press night for Of Kith and Kin I practically jumped up and down with excitement. I did A level drama at Sixth Form so I’ve always had an interest in plays but haven’t really had many opportunities to see them over the past couple of years so I immediately jumped at this chance.

The story itself is about a couple, Daniel and Oliver who are having a baby by their surrogate/ best friend Priya. All is going well until Priya and Daniel’s mother start implanting doubts and fears into their minds. The atmosphere turns sour very quickly as tensions are rising and everything falls apart.

The play is classed as ‘dark comedy’ which is my favourite genre for plays and I can confirm that this was both dark and extremely funny!

The only couple of ‘downsides’ I would point out were 1. We never did find out important pieces of information (such as why priya decided not to hand the baby over) and I found the last line where Daniel is holding the baby and says ‘Hello miracle’ to be very cheesy and didn’t fit with the rest of the play.

Other than those two minor points, I can’t find fault with this play. The acting was very, very good, especially from James Lance who played Daniel.

We were in the studio at the Crucible in Sheffield which is basically a small, intimate theatre where you’re sat very close to the stage so that creates a very different atmosphere to a traditional, big theatre.

I would highly recommend this play to anybody who likes comedy. There is a lot of strong language and sexual references in this so please be aware of that if you’re planning to go see this.



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