Autumn date ideas

If you’ve read, well, anything else on my blog then you’ll know that Autumn is my favourite time of year. If you didn’t know this then you’re probably new, in which case, HI! Welcome to Acorn Life and Fitness… please stick around for a while! Because of my love for Autumn, I like to make the most I can out of it by sharing everything I enjoy about the season with my favourite person and best friend in the whole world… Tom.

We tend to go on quite a lot of ‘dates’ anyway because we enjoy spending time together so it’s not like this is the only time of year we get out and do things, I just plan a lot more things for us to do in this weather.

Here are 10 date ideas that I’ll be planning for me and Tom this autumn, if you can think of any more please let me know, I’m always looking for fun new ideas!


  1. Walk in the woods/ park

Coffee couple

  1. Getting coffee/ hot chocolate


  1. Movie night in

haunted house

  1. Visit a haunted house


  1. Pumpkin carving


  1. Go to a wine tasting


  1. Do some baking together

cinnamon rolls

  1. Have a picnic


  1. Curl up next to a fire together (or a bonfire)


  1. Go for a drive and see where you end up

I love the sound of all of these ideas and I’ll try to remember to take photos of them for Instagram but I usually end up forgetting when I get caught up in the moment.


*Some or all of the images used in this post are copyright free stock photographs*


3 thoughts on “Autumn date ideas

  1. twentysomethingmeltdown says:

    Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year and I am so excited to get going with all the activities I have planned – lots of which are very similar to yours! Am already planning my birthday in October around a botanical gardens and lots of photos of crunchy Autumn leaves! But by far my fav is the drive date – they’re my favs!


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