How to turn a house into a home

Moving house is a big, scary, exciting deal and it’s bloody exhausting! Because of how exhausted you are after moving house, you often can’t be bothered to do the little things that make your house feel homey. The only problem with that, is that when you get home from work/ school/ whatever you do all day then you don’t feel like you’re ‘home’ so I’ve put together a list of little things that you can do/ add to your house to really make it feel like a home. If you’ve got anything else to add to the list then please share it with us in the comments!



If it’s possible, then decorate your new house to reflect your style, whether that be crisp white walls or bright and colourful, do whatever makes you happy!



This is an obvious one but having photos up of you and your loved ones can really make a big difference to the feel of your home.



I know that you’ve got at least a few little bits and bobs that mean a lot to you, so whip them out, get them on display somewhere you can see them! Seeing your little mementos/ keepsakes or whatever you want to call them will make you feel more at ease and comfortable in your home.


Homey touches

This one is my favourite thing to do and personally makes the biggest difference to me and that’s all the little things that make your home cozy and comfortable. It’s everything from the throws on your bed to the decorative cushions on your sofa to the cool art prints hung on the walls. These are the things that’ll make you comfortable and happy and that’s pretty damn important if you ask me!


Obviously some of these things could get expensive so you might want to start planning ahead if you can do. For example, if you pick a colour scheme then you can start asking for things for birthday/ Christmas/ house moving presents that’ll match what you’ve already got. Some present ideas could be cups/ mugs, art work, throws/ cushions/ photo frames etc.


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