September book challenge

Hello, my name is Jess and I’m a book addict.


There, I said it! I love reading and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Because I love reading so much, I follow several different book bloggers and one of them (unfortunately I can’t remember who otherwise I’d link to them) set themselves a challenge of reading 5 books in a month. So, this month, I’m going to try to get through 5 whole books from my to-be-read pile and obviously that will also give me the chance to write up 5 book review for you as well so win-win!

books in the sun

I’d love to know if anyone else has done something like this before? I think it sounds really fun so I’m looking forward it!


Wish me luck! If you’d like to join in with me, here’s 5 books that I’d recommend:

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Disclaimer by Renee Knight


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