Homemade bread

Making bread is one of the strongest memories I have from primary school; the excitement from baking and the smell of the dough in the oven all come crashing into my mind when I think of homemade bread. But, homemade bread isn’t just for children, it can be delicious and pretty damn impressive too.   … Continue reading Homemade bread


Play Review: Of Kith and Kin

When I first heard about the opportunity to attend the press night for Of Kith and Kin I practically jumped up and down with excitement. I did A level drama at Sixth Form so I’ve always had an interest in plays but haven’t really had many opportunities to see them over the past couple of … Continue reading Play Review: Of Kith and Kin

How to extend the life of your bra

Bras. They’re a bloody expensive thing. That’s why I’ve done a bit of digging around in this wonderful place called the internet to find out the best ways to look after your bras so that they’ll last longer and you won’t have to keep forking out for a new one so often. This is what … Continue reading How to extend the life of your bra

How to turn a house into a home

Moving house is a big, scary, exciting deal and it’s bloody exhausting! Because of how exhausted you are after moving house, you often can’t be bothered to do the little things that make your house feel homey. The only problem with that, is that when you get home from work/ school/ whatever you do all … Continue reading How to turn a house into a home