Get to know… Lauren from mylavendertintedworld

I’m back again with another interview post, this time with Lauren from Before I waste your time with my rambling, here’s what Lauren said in response to my questions:

Tell us about yourself and your blog

Where to start? I’m a 25 year old modern languages graduate who doesn’t use her degree at all in her professional life! Being able to speak French and Spanish does come in handy when I go away, and I get to understand (and sing along with!) a wider variety of songs. I still stumble over the words to Despacito though…. My blog started as a travel blog way back in 2011! When I started I didn’t really know there was such a thing as a blogging community, and I didn’t know that people were promoting their blogs on Twitter. I wanted to document my Erasmus year in both written and video form (also the reason my youtube has so many videos!) It slowly started to change though as time went on, and I’d like to say it’s more lifestyle now. I do post about my travels still, and I do a lot of food related stuff but I’m still trying to branch out and encompass everything. It’s why I tried to make my blog name as open as possible, it gives me more flexibility to write about what I want without restrictions.

Do you have any regrets in regards to your blog? Anything you wish you’d done differently?

I sometimes wonder if I should have changed the blog name. It was originally Journey to the Centre of New Experiences, very wordy I know! But I still like it even now! I also don’t think I should have made a separate review blog, I should have stuck it out and included the reviews within my normal blog. I did combine them eventually, but I feel like I need to mix them a little better!

Which blog post are you most proud of/ which is your favourite?

Maybe the letter to my 18 year old self ( It’s an interesting one to look back on and it was a little different to write. Even now so much has changed since I wrote that post up and put it out to the world but when I read it back I can remind myself of who I was at the moment in time. Maybe I should write a letter to my future self and read back on it from how I am now. There are no pictures in it though, except for what I used as a title style picture! But I think my photography skills definitely need some improvement.

How to you organize your blog?

This is where the bad blogger stuff comes in! I am not very organised, I have the aura of being so and I’m great at making lists but I can’t plan long term. The closest I get is by trying to keep a schedule of when I want posts to go live in my diary and then I create drafts. I put in the blog title, or as close to as I can, and a couple of bullet points or a short summary in the body of the post. If I have a few drafts built up it gives me something I can go back to finish off at a later date. I just need to start finishing off the drafts I create! I think this year, having the diary has helped me a lot more than previous years as it does give me a bit more focus, and I’m hoping that it will keep helping me focus!

Have you ever received any negative feedback from your blog and if so, how did you react?

I received a comment years ago saying the post I’d put up was boring. I don’t know who posted it but at that time it was only friends and family who really knew about it. I still don’t know who wrote it to this day! It angered me a little as it was a brief post and what I was doing over Christmas between my Erasmus placements. I’d not done a lot and it was more to give some information so I don’t know why they had to comment how they did. I did try to find out who it was so I could confront them over it, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t. Now I just laugh, I mean yeah the post might not have been exciting but how bored were they to have to tell me anonymously?

Which social media network is your favourite for blogging and why?

Hands down it has to be Twitter. This was already my favourite social media network before I started blogging so it’s only naturally I would think it best for my blog. I think that it’s a lot easier to interact with people and despite some of the more annoying changes; it still seems to be the best place to engage with others and find other people. There is a sense of community within the people on this site. I struggle with my Facebook page as I never really know what to post on it other than my blog posts. I feel like people would be annoyed with anything else, weird I know! And don’t get me started on Instagram! I like it as it means I can share my pictures, but it is awful for any sort of growth or engagement.

Do you have any long-term plans for your blog or do you just take it as it comes?

I don’t really have much of a plan with my blog. I started it for fun and as a hobby, and that’s pretty much what it still is now. I’ve had the odd few opportunities with brands and unless it really didn’t fit in with me as a person I wouldn’t turn them down. I think I’m just taking it as it comes really, maybe if I do ever finish one of my books it will change again. But I like the fact that the blog is mine and it’s my little corner to post and write in.

Which other blogs do you enjoy reading the most?

I don’t know if this means as like a shout out or the types of posts! If it’s types of posts, I really enjoy seeing what someone has got up to on their travels. As someone who suffers from wanderlust, it’s great to see different places to go and visit and maybe take some inspiration for my future travels. I also enjoy lifestyle posts, just getting to know the person behind the blog and get some information on them. I feel more connected to them that way!

What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

General writing, I’m always jotting things down on any piece of paper I can get my hands on. Sometimes it’s silly little poems but it’s usually excerpts for one of my books. Reading as well, I don’t read as much as I used to and I blame work and uni for that, but I am getting back into it again which is really nice. I’ve been getting back into gaming again recently, but the only thing that has truly hooked my attention is WOW or Skyrim. I think I need to find a few new games to play!


Thank you Lauren for taking the time to answer all my noesy questions! I’m sure I won’t be the only person that’s enjoyed learning more about you!

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