Autumn Goals 2017

Back at the beginning of Summer, I did a post about what I wanted to do/ achieve over the summer months so I thought I’d do that again for Autumn. Here are just 5 of the things I want to do this Autumn:


To read a book, sat by the fire

I haven’t had a fire in my house for years and now that we’ve moved, I’ve got one now so I definitely want to take full advantage of that by curling up with a book in front of it.

To have finished moving into the house

We still have some furniture to sort out and bits and bobs to finish off (such as putting the toilet roll and towel holders up in the bathroom) so I’m hoping we’ll get all of this finished over the next couple of months.


To do lots of baking

Now that I’ve got my very own kitchen, well, I have to share with Tom but I’m sure he won’t mind 😉 I want to make use of it by baking all sorts of things.

To get back into fitness again

While we were moving house I had to put my fitness on the back burner so once we’re a little bit more settled in I’m going to be putting more focus on my fitness again.

Autumn walk

To go on walks with Tom

Autumnal walks are one of my favourite things to do so I’m hoping me and Tom get plenty of chances to get out in the fresh air.


What’re you planning to do this Autumn? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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