What it’s like to move out for the first time

As I’m sure you’ll know by now, I’ve just moved out with my boyfriend, Tom. We’ve briefly lived together before but this is the first time we’ve fully moved out into a whole house all by ourselves and it’s been a lot more intense than I thought it would so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I felt when we moved.



In the weeks coming up to our moving in day, I was beyond excited. I was planning where everything would go and thinking about what it’d be like when we moved in. For him though, it was quite nerve-wracking and scary to think about not living with his parents anymore so I guess everyone reacts to this in different ways.


The first day

Our first day was spent moving furniture (we didn’t have a removals van because my dad has a truck and trailer) and picking up things like our new wardrobes, bedside tables and sofa. I managed to unpack a few essentials like kitchenware, toiletries and our clothes for the next day but other than that we put everything in the spare room to sort through another day. If I hadn’t been so organised with my packing I would’ve been very stressed so I’m very glad I took my time and thought ahead!


The first night/ morning

I have to admit the house was very quiet that first night, both Tom and I were used to hearing our parents walking around/ talking and we both lived with dogs so it was a change to wake up to a quiet, empty house. To be completely honest, I’m not exactly a morning person so the peace and quiet is perfect for me.



Overall, I’m very happy with how to move went, we’re not 100% tidy yet but we’re getting there. I’m still excited to go to my new home everyday and I’m loving the sense of freedom we have.


I’d love to hear from anyone else that’s moved house recently to see if your experience was the same as mine?


2 thoughts on “What it’s like to move out for the first time

  1. セレネ says:

    I just moved as well, but we’re still looking at furniture and how to arrange everything! And we want to get rid of our old bed, but no-one seems to be interested in buying it (I put it up on a site where the whole country sells their secondhand items)…


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