What it’s like to work in an Estate Agents

For some reason, when I tell people that i’m an estate agent they are very curious as to what exactly I do so I thought I’d put together a post to explain what I do on an average day.

Put the kettle on



When I first get to work, I put the kettle on to make a great big cup of coffee before I do anything else

Prepare for the day

We have a few things that we need to do to make sure we’re set up for the day, such as turning on the computer systems and making sure the office is tidy. We take our health and safety quite seriously even though most of it is just common sense, like in this graphic.

Work through any urgent emails

I like to get this done before we open up at 9am because it’s a lot harder to deal with urgent emails when the phones are ringing and there’s customers in the office so I decide which emails need my immediate attention and do these first

Confirm the days’ viewings

You won’t believe how annoying it is to turn up to a property viewing to be stood up, especially if you’ve got a lot of work to get done back at the office so we call everyone that’s got a viewing booked to confirm that they will still be attending/ cancel them if they’ve changed their minds. Some people will still turn you up but they’re only the rudest of the rude, don’t be that person!

The phones

Our phone lines open up at 9am so from then until lunchtime I’ll pretty much just be on the phone constantly, booking viewings and valuations, answering questions about applications that are going through, re-directing people to the relevant departments etc.


We only get a half hour lunch break so that’s just enough time to have a little break from the noise of the office and have my lunch. At the moment i’m having things like soup, chicken & rice or salads.

Afternoon jobs

The phones are generally quieter in the afternoon so I can get some paperwork done as well as follow up the previous days’ viewings, chase up people who’ve been ignoring my messages, renew tenancies and answer my non-urgent emails along with updating the social media schedule for the next day. I hate leaving the office with work still unfinished so I always try to make sure I’ve done everything on my to-do list before 5pm so I don’t end up staying behind too late.

Home time

Like I mentioned before, I don’t like leaving with work left to do so I often end up staying until around 5.15 or 5.30pm just to finish of the last few jobs on my list for the day before locking up and going home.


I home you found this post interesting, I always like to see what other people do in their jobs so let me know what your day job is (unless you’re a full-time blogger because that’d make me too jealous)


5 thoughts on “What it’s like to work in an Estate Agents

  1. Isabel says:

    I love these posts, I’m so nosy about people’s jobs I wish more people would write these hehe. Sounds like you’re a busy bee all day every day – at least it goes quickly I imagine?


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