5 Books on my to-read list

I think you all know by know that I’m a big fan of books and this year I’ve been giving myself a lot more time to read which is something that I’m really enjoying. Having said that, my to-read list is still very big so I thought I’d share with you some of the books that are in it at the moment that I haven’t started yet.

*by to-read list, I mean the physical books on my bookshelf that I haven’t had a chance to read yet, I won’t even get into the list of books that I haven’t even bought yet…


Maestra – L.S.Hilton

A put-upon assistant at a prestigious London art house, Judith Rashleigh is well-educated, well-groomed, and impeccably behaved–keeping the darker desires she indulges on nights off as her own little secret. But when Judith uncovers a dangerous heist, her life is shattered and she’s forced to run. Armed with just her wits and a talent for self-invention, she makes her way from the French Riviera to Geneva, Rome, and the nightclubs of Paris, determined to take back what is rightfully hers.

Bone by Bone

Bone by Bone – Sanjida Kay

Laura loves her daughter more than anything in the world.

But nine-year-old Autumn is being bullied. Laura feels helpless.

When Autumn fails to return home from school one day, Laura goes looking for her. She finds a crowd of older children taunting her little girl.

In the heat of the moment, Laura makes a terrible choice. A choice that will have devastating consequences for her and her daughter…

Local girl missing

Local Girl Missing – Claire Douglas

Twenty years ago

21-year-old Sophie Collier vanishes one night.

She leaves nothing behind but a trainer on the old pier –

and a hole in the heart of her best friend Francesca.


A body’s been found.

And Francesca’s drawn back to the seaside town she’s tried to forget.

Perhaps the truth of what happened to Sophie will finally come out.

Yet Francesca is beginning to wish she hadn’t returned.

Everywhere she turns are ghosts from her past.

The same old faces and familiar haunts of her youth.

But if someone knows what really happened to Sophie that night then now’s the time to find out – isn’t it?

Except sometimes discovering the truth can cost you everything you hold dear – your family, your sanity and even your life . . .

The liars chair

The Liars Chair – Rebecca Whitney

Who can she trust, If she can’t trust herself?

Rachel Teller and her husband David appear happy, prosperous and fulfilled. The big house, the successful business . . . They have everything.

However, control, not love, fuels their relationship and David has no idea his wife indulges in drunken indiscretions. When Rachel kills a man in a hit and run, the meticulously maintained veneer over their life begins to crack.

Destroying all evidence of the accident, David insists they continue as normal. Rachel though is racked with guilt and as her behaviour becomes increasingly self-destructive she not only inflames David’s darker side, but also uncovers her own long-suppressed memories of shame. Can Rachel confront her past and atone for her terrible crime? Not if her husband has anything to do with it . . .

A startling, dark and audacious novel set in and around the Brighton streets, The Liar’s Chair will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final page has been turned. A stunning psychological portrait of a woman in a toxic marriage, Rebecca Whitney’s debut will show that sometimes the darkest shadow holds the truth you have been hiding from . . .

How I lost you

How I Lost You – Jenny Blackhurst

My name is Emma Cartwright. Three years ago I was Susan Webster, and I murdered my twelve-week-old son Dylan.

I have no memory of what happened but you believe what your loved ones, your doctor and the police are telling you, don’t you?

But if you can’t remember what happened, how can you be sure that they are telling the truth?

And if there was the smallest chance your son was alive, wouldn’t you do anything to get him back?

If there was the smallest chance your son was alive, what would you do to get him back?


I haven’t yet decided which I’ll read first so let me know which of these you’d go for as well as any other books you’ve enjoyed recently!

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