Newline – Fitness clothing review

If I could live in gym wear everyday I definitely would, it’s just so comfy and movable! Because of this I tend to get very excited about trying new brands so when I got the chance to try a whole new outfit from New Running Gear, I jumped at the chance!


The women’s wear they offer all looks like good quality clothing on their website and from the 3 pieces I’ve tried on, I’m very happy with the standard of their products. They fit well and the fabric is very breathable so you don’t end up sticky and smelly which is very important when you’re working out!


I personally love the colour and look of the clothing but they don’t offer a massive variety of colours/ styles at the moment so I hope they introduce some more products soon.


The prices are on the more expensive side compared to other brands I’ve tried (like these cheap leggings from Decathlon) but you can definitely tell the difference in the quality of the products so I think they’re worth the extra money if you can afford it.


Women’s Imotion printed jacket – £75

Women’s Imotion Heather T-shirt – £40.00

Women’s Imotion 7/8 Tights – £75.00

I’d love to know what you think of these, would you give them a go?


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