How to get back into Blogging after a break

I think we’ve all gone through a time when we’ve felt uninspired by our blog and maybe even taken a break from it for a while and that can be a great thing to do. Then it comes to getting back into it… it can feel like you’re starting again from scratch and can easily get overwhelming! That’s why I’ve broken down my tips into 3 easy steps to getting back on your feet after a break from blogging:


Get inspired

The first thing you should do is spend an hour scrolling through some of your favourite blogs (and some new ones) to give you a burst of inspiration. You could write notes on any ideas they give you/ what you do and don’t like about each one to help you.

Here’s some blogs that I’d recommend:


Make a plan

Make a note about what you want your blog to be about, even if you’re carrying on from where you left it, you should still keep in mind what you want your blog to be about. You should also think about how often you want to post (eg. twice week) but make sure you keep it reasonable so you don’t end up getting overwhelmed and unable to keep up. You can use this plan to start mapping out your content.


Start writing

For me, the best way to get back into it is to start writing. Once I start, ideas and words just start flowing out of me and it really motivates me to keep going!
I hope these tips are helpful but if there’s anything else I can do to help you get back on track then please feel free to DM me on Twitter or send me an email to and I’ll give you a hand!


4 thoughts on “How to get back into Blogging after a break

  1. Vinay Garg says:

    Ya sometimes we do feel like quitting but when we grab our pens back ideas starts flowing and soon we catch our old pace back. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep inspiring


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