5 Ways to motivate yourself to workout

Working out is great, it gives you energy and the endorphin’s make you feel fantastic. So why aren’t we all motivated to do it all the time? It can sometimes be really hard to feel motivated to work out so I’ve got 5 tips for you to motivate yourself here:


Set a goal

If you haven’t got a goal to works towards then you’ll quickly get discouraged so find something to work towards. I would recommend writing it down on your phone or somewhere you’ll see it regularly so you don’t forget it. If you find it hard to work towards a big goal then set some ‘mini’ goals along the way with rewards for each one.


Make a plan

Don’t just ‘wing it’ when it comes to your workout schedule because that’s when it’s easy to put it off or skip a workout. An example would be: A jog on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, HIIT session on Thursday and another run on Friday.


Don’t do it alone

If you workout with a friend then you’re letting them down if you cancel so you’re more likely to keep going. It will also motivate you whilst you’re working out when you’re with someone else so this’ll mean you get more out of each workout as well.


Get into a habit

Habit is a really powerful thing. If you workout at the same time each day/ week then your body will expect to workout at that time and will prepare itself by giving you a burst of energy which will make you feel ready to workout.


Have fun

My final tips is to find something you enjoy and do that. I mean let’s be honest, you’re not going to stick to something you hate for a long period of time so don’t even bother with it. It might take you a while to find something you enjoy but it’s so worth trying! It could be anything from weight lifting to running to a sport like tennis or netball or even rock climbing, just take the time to try it all so you can figure out what you enjoy!


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