Get to know… Acorn Life and Fitness

This is a new series that I’ve been wanting to start on my blog for months now but I just haven’t had the time to do it. ‘Get to know…’ is a series where I’ll be having a little chat with various different (and incredibly good!) bloggers to introduce them to you. The questions I ask each blogger will be tailored to their blog so you won’t be seeing the same 10 questions with slightly different answers each time.

The first blogger I decided to have a chat with is… Me! I thought it might be a fun idea to crack this series off with a little bit more information about the girl behind the blog (I’m really not that mysterious, trust me). So before I start waffling on too much, here’s my ‘interview’… with myself?

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So who exactly are you?

Well, my name is Jess and I’m a 20 year old girl from Derbyshire, England. I’m currently on a digital marketing apprenticeship but I’ll soon be transitioning into the role of a letting agent which is really exciting for me! I like to be active by working out in the gym and I also like to have a bit of creativity in my life. I started my blog a few years ago because I wanted to write. I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted to write about, I just knew that I loved writing and I wanted a place to do it other than my diary.


Where did your blog name come from?

Acorn Life and Fitness was actually my boyfriend’s suggestion when I was brainstorming name ideas for my blog. The Acorn bit comes from my nickname at school because it sounds like my surname. The Life part represents the lifestyle element of my blog which is now the biggest part of my blog and also the fact that my blog is about everything to do with my life. The Fitness bit was originally supposed to be the main focus of my blog because when I started it, I was very much into my fitness and it was a big part of my life.


Do you have any regrets in regards to your blog? Anything you wish you’d done differently?

I’d love to say that no, I don’t regret anything that I’ve done with my blog because I would be here otherwise but that’s not true. If I’m completely honest, I regret not paying enough attention to the quality of my posts early on as I’ve just had a massive project where I went through every single one of my previous blog posts and tweaked them to improve the quality. I also regret not focussing more of my attention on my blog photography because I’m only just now learning about it.


Which blog post are you most proud of/ which is your favourite?

I hate questions like this because I’m proud of all of my posts so it’s very difficult to pick just one so here’s my top 3: My top tips for sticking to your exercise regime, Why I started lifting and My tips for new bloggers.


How do you organise your blog?

I use my all time favourite organisational tool – the spreadsheet! I think spreadsheets are WAY underrated, I actually use 8 different sheets on mine to plan different aspects of my blog. My 8 tabs are: Yearly editorial calendar, Blog post checklist, Ideas, Stats & Goals, Blogs I follow, Old posts, Twitter schedule and Finance. If you’d like more information about how I organise my blog please let me know and I’d happily do a separate post on it!


Have you ever received any negative feedback from your blog and if so, how did you react?

This is another question I’d love to lie about. Unfortunately I have had negative feedback from my blog before and it affected my very badly. It put me off blogging for awhile and I came very close to shutting down my blog altogether. Thankfully I came to the realisation that it doesn’t really matter what other people think of my blog as long as it makes me happy and I enjoy doing it.


Which social media network is your favourite for blogging and why?

Twitter is definitely my favourite because it so easy to chat with other bloggers as well as promote your posts. Instagram’s news feed is too unreliable and I’ve never had any success with Facebook but I am trying to use Pinterest a lot more now.


Do you have long term plans for your blog or do you just take it as it comes?

I plan up to 3 months ahead with my blog and then have more specific plans and goals for 1 month and 1 week at a time to make sure that I stay on track. I don’t really like planning more than 3 months in advance though because I think that so much could change in that amount of time so my plans might not be relevant any more.


Which blogs do you enjoy reading?

This is a difficult one because I read a LOT of blogs but I don’t want my post to be miles long so here’s a list of 10 blogs that I enjoy:


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve loved writing it! I’ll be posting more of these little get to know… posts with different bloggers over the next few months so keep your eyes open for more!


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