Working out… on a trampoline

Who else remembers the pure joy of trampolines when you were younger? Well lucky ol’ me over here got to re-live this joy at Jump Inc on Monday night for a ‘Jump to the beat’ exercise class near Meadowhall in Sheffield.

When I got invited to try out the class I instantly knew it would be amazing, I mean who wouldn’t love to spend an hour on a trampoline with loud music and funky lights?! The place itself was really cool with lots of wood and a really rustic vibe. The trampoline area was a lot bigger than I was expecting and had all sorts of obstacles to play on which Tom loved!

Unfortunately we were running a bit late so we didn’t have time to explore the whole place before the class so we just ‘jumped’ straight in (get it?? ;)). The class was a lot of fun and although I could feel how much I was using my muscles, it was one of those workouts that anyone could do because you just pushed yourself to your limit rather than do the exact same as everyone else. We did things like different types of jumps which stretched out your body and body toning exercises like planks, leg lifts and butterfly kicks which were pretty difficult on the unsteady surface so I could feel the burn in my abs when we finished!

By the time we finished the workout we were all drenched in sweat and have big grins on our faces. I could still feel the burn in my abs the next morning which is something I love!


Would you try a trampoline workout class? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! If you’re looking for a simpler workout then my HIIT style workout will tone your whole body and is available for free here.


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