How to make a room feel bigger

Small Rooms can be annoying and inconvenient to say the least. They’re difficult to style and they can limit how much ‘stuff’ you can have on show. So, to help you all make the most of your small rooms, whether they be bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms, I’ve put together a list of different ways to make your room feel a little bit bigger.

Keep it minimalistic

The minimalistic look is very popular at the moment and for a good reason. By not having a lot of ‘stuff’ in your house you’re saving on space as well as money. If you want some inspiration for minimalist room decor ideas then Pinterest should be the first place you go to because there’s endless inspiration there.


Clear your floor space

If you’ve got clothes, toys or anything else lying around on the floor then put it away right now (or as soon as you’ve finished reading this post). Having clutter all over the floor will make your room feel small and cramped but a clear floor space will give the illusion of a bigger room so make sure you keep yours clear at all times!


Get in as much natural light as possible

Obviously for this one you’re limited by what windows you have but make sure you’ve got your curtains or blinds open during the day to let in that natural light and brighten up the room. It really can make a big difference to how big your room feels.


Use mirrors to manipulate the light

It’s a well known fact that mirrors give the illusion of a bigger room, that’s why they’re used in opticians to make the eye chart look further away. You can get some really lovely freestanding mirrors to complement your room decor or depending on which room you’re doing it in, you could use an over the mantel mirror, a table mirror or even just a simple framed mirror. I’ve put some links in here to an interior design store that sells beautiful mirrors. 

If you’ve got any other helpful tips for making rooms feel bigger please leave a comment to share it with us!


One thought on “How to make a room feel bigger

  1. lyliarose says:

    Definitely clutter free, minimal and light! I’d keep the walls and decor light too 🙂 Our kitchen is tiny and so we went for light oak sides and white walls to make it feel much larger than it is (the previous owners had black tiled floors and mahogany sides which made it feel so cramped!)

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