Fashion through the ages event

Last weekend, I got invited to an event in Sheffield to celebrate Fashion through the ages, I’m certainly no expert on fashion so I thought it’d be really interesting to learn where certain styles and influences came from (I was also tempted by the free prosecco!) so I took my boyfriend, Tom, along with me and made a night of it.

When we got to the event I was really nervous because I’d never been to anything like that before but the ladies from alive after five were lovely and made both me and Tom feel welcome with a glass of bubbly and a goodie bag.

After we picked up our drinks we had a little nosey at the various displays around the room while we waited for the talk to start. Some of the pieces were really interesting to look at so I took a few photos to show you:

The talk itself was by Mary-Beth about the history of fashion and how different designers have influenced what we wear today. We then had a live singer for the remainder of the event along with a stylist who offered vintage hairstyles to anyone who wanted it, unfortunately I didn’t have time to take advantage of that so I had to say my goodbyes and leave.

Overall I found the event to be really interesting because vintage fashion is something that I’ve never looked into before so I don’t know a lot about it. The alive after five team did a great job of making everyone feel welcome so I’d like to say a big thank you to them! Here are a few photos that I took on the night:


*Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored or paid for I was just invited to attend the event, all opinions are my own*


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