Where my blog post ideas come from

When I’m writing my blog posts, getting together ideas is not usually a problem for me (I struggle more with finding the time to write them all!) but obviously everyone gets some form of ‘writer’s block’ from time to time so here’s a list of places I go to to find inspiration for my blog posts.

Other blogs – I have a list of blogs that I regularly refer back to for inspiration

Twitter – It helps to follow lots of bloggers and join in on the Twitter chats!

Instagram – especially for fitness related posts!

Facebook groups – I’ve recently joined a couple of blog related Facebook groups and they’ve given me quite a few ideas!

My own blog – It might sound big headed but I find a lot of inspiration from looking through my old posts, I like to make a note of which posts get a really positive reaction so I know that my readers like them and can focus on that type of post again.

Tv/ movies/ Music/ Books/ Articles I’ve read, especially magazine articles!

I hope this post has helped you if you’ve been a bit stuck for ideas! I’d love to hear where you get your inspiration for blog posts as well so leave me a comment below


4 thoughts on “Where my blog post ideas come from

  1. lyliarose says:

    I am the same – too many ideas and not enough time! On the rare occasion I’ve gone blank I find a couple of days away from the laptop can make all the difference 🙂

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