Monthly Roundup

So it’s the end of May and we’re half way through 2017. I recently saw someone do a post about how their month had been, sort of like a diary entry and I thought it was a great idea to reflect on the past month, recognize what your highs and lows were and make some plans for the following month because when I look at the past 6 months, I don’t feel anywhere near as accomplished as I’d like to so the time to change that is now.


Tom and I have started the process of buying a house this month, we spoke to a mortgage advisor who gave us some great advice and we both set up first-time-buyer ISA accounts. We’ve now got a plan to buy a house by January next year.


Other than the excitement of looking to buy a house, I’ve had a very difficult month due to stress. My work life hasn’t been great and with one thing and another I’ve had a rough month so I’m hoping next month will be a lot happier.

Events/ memorable moments

Me and Tom went camping for the first time together which was fun, I’m hoping we’ll get to do some more camping this year. I also started a college course 1 evening a week for digital marketing which is really exciting!

Plans for next month

I’ve got a Fashion show to attend at the beginning of the month and lots of plans for my blog but other than that I’m planning to really focus on making myself a bit happier this month because I’ve had a really stressful time over the past month as well as getting back into my fitness again as I’ve got a 10k obstacle race in a few months so I need to get my fitness level back up.


I’ve really enjoyed reviewing my month and it’s highlighted areas for me to focus on next month so I might start doing this every month, let me know if you’ve done anything similar, i’d love to see it!


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