10 Things I wish I did more of

I don’t like the idea of living with regrets but I do think that there is value in evaluation. I decided to compile a list of 10 things that I wish I did more of and make a plan for how I can start doing them more in the future. I think the best way to do this is by making small changes rather than to make a whole lifestyle turn-around to make it sustainable.
The first thing on my list is cardio because I feel so unfit at the moment, I get out of breath just walking up the stairs and my legs feel heavy 24/7. For me it’s just laziness, there’s no reason why I can’t be doing more cardio so I’m going to aim for 3 cardio sessions a week. My main forms of cardio will be swimming, jogging and sprints.
Meal Prepping
This is more for organisation than anything else because I take a good 15-20 minutes making my breakfast and lunch in the mornings so if I had my meals prepped a couple of days in advance then it would cut down on my morning routine meaning I can stay in bed for longer! Another bonus would be that I can spend more time planning my meals and choosing healthy, nutritious options rather than running out of food and grabbing something unhealthy last minute. I’m going to aim to do my meal prepping on a Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I’m one of those weird people that actually enjoys cleaning but lately I’ve been so lazy that my bedroom looks like a bomb has hit and my car is absolutely disgusting! I need to set aside an evening to clean my bedroom, another to clean my car and another to clean my bathroom and then keeping on top of it should be a lot easier once I’ve sorted it all out.
I love reading and have started a book club with some fellow bloggers so I should be reading at least 1 book a month but I want to allow myself more time to read. I get stuck in the routine of coming home and watching a film or a tv programme which is a really bad habit that I want to break. To change this, I’m planning to have at least 2 nights a week where tv is banned so I’ll have to read instead. Plus, it’ll mean that I can write more book reviews like the ones here.
This is one that I’ve already started but I want to make use of my free time and actually learn things. I’ve started a college course on digital marketing which is one evening a week and I’m also looking at going to some seminars and conferences around the same subject.
Saving money
I know everyone and their dog wants to save more money but at the moment i’m not putting that much money away into my savings so I want to slowly start increasing how much money I put away each month. I’m currently saving £200 a month so I’m going to increase that to £250 this month and £300 next month. Obviously there’s only so far you can go (especially when you’re on an apprentice’s wages!).
Standing up for myself
Standing up for myself is something that I’ve always struggled with and it really bothers me when I think of how much I let people walk all over me. For example, at work, I’m doing a social media apprenticeship but I am expected to do the same job (plus more in some cases) than all the other employees but I’m paid less than minimum wage for it. Another example is when somebody tells me I can’t do something, I tend to just accept it and stop trying. I let other people’s opinions and words get to me to the point of my own destruction and I don’t want to be that way anymore. So, I’m going to start trying to gain a little bit of confidence in myself and start standing up for myself in little ways.
Working on my blog
Until very recently, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog posts and general blog maintenance. I got discouraged after somebody made a mean comment and I let it eat away at me until I didn’t want to try anymore. I’ve now decided that it doesn’t matter what they (or anyone else) thinks of my blog because I like it. I want my blog to grow and develop over the next year so I’m making a real effort to improve the quality of my posts as well as the site itself. I’m starting to build relationships with other bloggers and brands and I’m really happy with how it’s going so far.
As I mentioned before, I’ve gotten myself in a bad habit of watching tv every evening so I never really let myself relax fully. To help myself switch off a bit more, I’m going to schedule a pamper evening once a week. I’ll have a long bath, look after myself and I won’t be allowed to worry/ stress about ANYTHING on that evening!
I always thought of myself as a patient person but since starting my current job I’ve noticed that my patience runs very thin and not just at work. Even in my personal life I find myself snapping at people and giving up quickly if a simple task is taking too long. I’ve always valued patience as an important trait so I’m going to make a conscious effort to be more patient with everything around me, starting with the people in my life. I might give meditation a try to see if that can help me find my patience again.
I’d love to hear if there are any things you wish you did more of, whether it’s similar to mine or not so please let me know in the comments.

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