How I keep my energy levels up

When I was first approached to try these tablets I wasn’t sure if they’d do anything for me because I’ve tried a fair few different ways to improve my energy levels (see my 10 day water challenge). But, then I looked through the ingredients and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try so I gave them a go with the intention to see how I felt after a week.
By the 2nd day I was already feeling better in the morning (about 30 minutes after I took the tablet) and I didn’t hit the afternoon slump until later on in the day.
My workouts have been a lot easier since taking the tablets and I don’t need to have an energy drink/ coffee beforehand as often (I still sometimes need a little burst of energy ;))
I haven’t noticed any side effects from taking the tablets but I’m not an expert by any means so if you are thinking about trying these out for yourself I would recommend speaking to a nutritionist or doctor first.
You can try the products for yourself here

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