My Birthday Weekend

My 20th birthday was on the 5th February and to celebrate my boyfriend, Tom, took me away for the weekend to a surprise destination. The weekend was full of adventures, fun and a lot of happiness so I wanted to share it with you all on here. We took quite a few photos while we were there but my camera wouldn’t turn on all weekend so Tom took most of the photos on his camera, if you would like to see more of his photography, his Instagram is full of amazing photos!

I’ll start at the beginning of the weekend…

Driving to the destination

We left home at about 8.30am equipped with sausage sandwiches and coffee, I could already tell it was going to be a good weekend! We drove for quite a while before stopping at a service station for a wee and more coffee (I wholeheartedly believe that coffee makes the world go round!) and again we set off driving until we came across a sign that said ‘Welcome to the Lakes’… we were in the Lake District!


This is me all excited/ nervous for our adventure

I’d never been to the Lake District before so this is ridiculously exciting to me! It was at this point Tom told me that we were going to spend the day in Ambleside before going to out Hotel near Hawkshead. I think I was literally shaking with excitement at this point!

Finding the waterfall

When we got to Ambleside, we parked up and walked into the town. We were both eager to go for a walk so we didn’t bother looking around the shops beforehand. The walk wasn’t too long but we spent a lot of time taking photos and enjoying the scenery so we ended up spending around 2 hours on the walk. The waterfall itself was beautiful so we spent a lot of time taking photos of it.

Exploring Ambleside

After our walk, we had a nosey in the shops in Ambleside town before going for lunch in a Charlie Chaplain inspired cafe. We both had chicken & bacon sandwiches which were very much needed after our morning’s adventures. I’m almost drooling at the memory of those sandwiches…


The Hotel

After lunch and a mooch round Ambleside we headed over to the Hotel to check in and decide where we wanted to eat for tea. The roads were possibly some of the windiest roads I’ve ever been on and that’s saying something since I come from the Peak District!


When we pulled up outside the hotel it just looked like a fairy tale castle it was so beautiful and the driveway leading up to it was lined with lanterns. We went straight in to check into our room and was lead up about 10 flights of stairs (it was realistically more like 3-5 but it felt more dramatic when we were carrying our overnight bags!).


The room itself had a huge bed, I think it was 2 double beds put together, and it had a window to see the gorgeous views outside. There was a vanity table with a big mirror (I’ve always wanted a vanity table in my room) and a little en-suite bathroom.

The lady who checked us in told us about some of the local restaurants and left us to make ourselves comfortable in the room. At this point I was exhausted and Tom wanted to watch the rugby so he put the rugby on the tv in the room while I had a nap.

Saturday Evening

As the rugby was coming to an end we looked online at the local restaurants to see which one we wanted to go to that evening and decided on the Sun Inn which was only about a 5 minute drive from the hotel so I booked a table. We both got dressed and headed over, the Sun was basically a posh pub but the decor inside was lovely and it had a really cosy feel to it. I ordered a wild boar burger with a glass of wine (I think the burger made me sick but I’ll get back to that later). The whole experience at the restaurant was lovely, it was so warm and comforting in there and it wasn’t at all busy/ crowded. We decided not to have a desert because we were both so full after our meals so we just went back to the hotel after our meal.


When we got back to the hotel we decided to sit in the lounge by the fire so I got us a bottle of wine from the hotel bar. We sat by the fire drinking wine (by the way, that is my ALL TIME favourite thing to do now) and talked then we got Tom’s iPad and played monopoly for a while, on our 2nd bottle of wine, until the lady who runs the hotel wanted to close up for the night. I can’t actually remember going back up to the room but I do remember getting up in the night to be sick (I’m pretty sure this is completely because of the wild boar burger and nothing to do with the 2 bottles of wine we had).

My Birthday Morning

Sunday was my actual birthday even though we were celebrating all weekend so for breakfast we went downstairs in the hotel to the dining room where they had a cold breakfast buffet and a menu for hot food to choose from. I made sure to have plenty of coffee, water and orange juice even though I wasn’t feeling too hungover (thankfully!). I had pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and Tom had a full cooked breakfast and it was exactly what we needed to start the day.


You can’t beat a birthday hot chocolate!

After breakfast we went back up to our room to get ready for the day and pack up our belongings (I honestly don’t know how 2 people can make such a mess!) before checking out of the hotel. Once we said goodbye to the fairy tale castle, we drove over to Lake Windermere where we parked up and went for a walk by the lake and up into the woods. It was a gorgeous morning and the route we walked was being used for a long-distance race so a couple of runners went past us (that made me feel really unfit because I was struggling to walk up the hill and they were running up it!). After our walk we had a mooch around Hawkshead and Windermere towns before we needed to stop for food.



The perfect end to the perfect weekend

When we’d finished walking around the towns we decided to get some food at a cafe before heading home. I had a hearty pie (a great cure for hangovers might I say) and Tom watched the rugby while we ate.


This wasn’t where we ate I just thought the sign was funny

On the way home I had a short nap so it didn’t feel like a very long drive at all (It probably did to Tom though!). When we got back to Toms house I was exhausted but in a really good way so I went to bed early that night.

Overall the whole weekend was unforgettable, we had such a lovely time exploring, walking, eating, drinking and having lots of laughs. I would go back there 100X over it was that good! Thomas really does know how to spoil me, I’m one very lucky girl!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re planning a trip there any time soon please let me know, I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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