Gym Bag Essentials

My gym bag is the one thing thing I’m pretty organised with. I’ve pretty much always got it packed in the boot of my car so that whenever I want to go to the gym I can just do it. Rather than go home, find some clean clothes, pack my bag then go back out to the gym. I think if I weren’t as organised with my gym bag I wouldn’t go to the gym half as much. It takes me a good half hour to drive to my gym so I need to be ready to go at a moments notice before I lose motivation.
The most important thing to me is that I’ve got something comfortable to wear. I can’t work out properly if I’m uncomfortable so I’ve always got my ‘gym clothes’ packed in my bag. If you’re on the lookout for some new active wear, I would recommend brands like myprotein, Gymshark and Protime Fitness. I like to keep mine simple with just a pair of leggings, a sports top and a hoodie in case I get cold but you should wear whatever you feel best in.
Just like comfortable clothing, having suitable shoes is very important to getting the most out of your workout. I would highly recommend getting a pair of good quality trainers that you only use for the gym if you can. This will help them last longer than if you were also wearing them outside. If you’re unsure about which trainers to go for, have a chat with the staff at different shoe stores as they will be able to advise you on the best shoes for your needs. Also, if you’re only wearing your trainers in the gym they won’t get dirty so it’s a lot easier to keep them in the same bag as your clothes!
I wouldn’t actually say that a water bottle is essential as you can workout without one I just find it very convenient. If you don’t take a water bottle with you then you need to make sure you’re getting drinks from a water fountain to keep you hydrated. I like to have my water bottle on me while I’m working out so that I’m not constantly stopping to go get a drink.
This is only really relevant if you’re lifting weights as part of your workout but I like to have a pair of weightlifting gloves in my gym bag for when i’m doing an extra hard workout (which I’ll admit is not everyday!). You definitely don’t need these but they’re useful if you want to avoid calluses and broken skin on your hands.
I don’t mean a camera (unless that’s something you want to do) I just mean either a small notebook or even the notes app on your phone to keep track of how your workout went. If you lift weights you can record what weight and how many reps you did or if you’re doing cardio you could record your distance, heart rate, calories burned etc. . I just think it’s helpful to see your progress written down to see how much you’re improving.
Most gyms will play music but it might not necessarily be your kind of music so I think it’s useful to have your own options. Listen to your own music will also help you to focus on your workout rather than being aware of everybody else around you.
Obviously if you’re listening to your own music you’ll need a pair of earphones (don’t be that annoying person who plays their music way too loud though!). To be fair, even if you don’t want to listen to music you can also put your earphones in just to make it clear you’re not in the mood to chat, sometimes it’s the only way to get a bit of peace from the people who think it’s appropriate to start a conversation with you mid squat (by the way, it’s definitely not appropriate or welcome).
This is one of the things that you won’t always need but when you do need it you’ll be so thankful you’ve got it! I usually take a protein shake with me to have after my workout but I also have a small snack in my bag just in case I need something extra. I would recommend having something that lasts a long time because you might not necessarily eat it the day you put it in your bag. I usually like to have things like protein bars, cereal bars or dried fruit.
I hope you found this post helpful if you’re not sure what to be packing in your gym bag or even if you’re just being nosey about what’s in mine 😉. I’d love to hear if you have anything different in yours so leave me a comment to let me know!

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