My first mud run

After having some much needed time off my blog, I’m coming back to you with a post about my first ever mud run!


I was quite apprehensive about doing it at first because I was worried about my fitness and strength and to be honest, I didn’t think I would be brave enough to do it.

On the morning of the race, I slept through my alarm (typical!) so woke up 2 minutes before I needed to leave the house and got lost twice on the way there (I’ve never had any sense of direction) so it’s a wonder I made it there at all!


We all got issued our race numbers (I was number 449) and were given an anklet to track our times. The staff at the event ran us through a short warm-up before we set off which I definitely needed to burn off some of that nervous adrenaline. When we were jumping on the ground though, all the worms kept popping up which really grossed me out!


The terrain was the hardest part of the course, with the mud being up to your knees and you had to climb up some of the hills on your hands and knees. The obstacles themselves weren’t too bad and there was only about 10 of them in the whole race. The obstacles I struggled most with were the monkey bars (I just don’t have the upper body strength for that!) and the walls because they felt so high and unstable that we needed a lot of teamwork to get over them.


Overall I was really proud of myself for doing it, I think the whole experience was good for strengthening relationships with my colleagues as we all got to see a different side of each other.


I would love to hear if any of you have done something similar to this before!


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