Tips for spring cleaning your home

Spring cleaning is one of those weird things I love. Just the idea of getting everything clean, tidy and organised makes me feel so happy and calm. Does anyone else get excited by the idea of it?? I know that not everybody gets as excited by cleaning as I do so here are my tips for a big spring clean:
  • Work in small sections (a shelf at a time)
  • Have boxes/ bin bags nearby to make throwing junk out easier
  • Create tidy piles for things to be donated/ sold
  • Work one room at a time – starting from the top of the house/ furthest away from your door
  • Don’t do too much at once – you’ll get tired out and discouraged
  • Multitask – eg. get the washing going while you Hoover
  • Remember to wear rubber gloves and keep your windows open when using chemicals
  • Don’t try to get creative with your storage until you’ve thrown all the junk away. That way you’ll clearly see how much ‘stuff’ you need to store
  • Work from the top to bottom of a room – hoovering last
  • Go at your own pace, it’s not a race!
  • Remember to dust EVERYTHING – corners of the room, skirting boards, curtains rails, tops of doors etc.
  • Fully empty out each cupboard, wardrobe, storage room etc and wash it out properly
  • There’s no point in doing half a job so finish the job you’re doing before having a break or finishing for the day
  • Remember to move furniture (beds, tables, sofas etc.) out of the way to clean
  • When you empty a cupboard, wardrobe, storage room, box etc. . Make sure you don’t just put everything back in without thinking about whether it’s still useful/ necessary
  • Anti-bacterial wipes are great for handles and door knobs
  • Don’t forget to clean dirty containers and dispensers (like toothpaste, shampoo, hand wash, condiments etc.)
  • Keep a list on hand of things you need to buy/ replace/ repair
  • Replace any/ all dirty cleaning cloths, sponges, tea towels etc.
  • Sort through dvd/ cd cases and throw away any that don’t work/ don’t get used
  • Check expiry dates on food/ medicine/ make up etc/ and replace anything that’s gone out of date
  • Replenish anything that needs topping up (like your pantry and medicine cabinate)
  • Play some music while you do it – having the tv or a film on will be too much of a distraction but music will give you energy
Thank you for reading!

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