HIIT style full body workout

This is the last post in my HIIT workout series! I’m so happy with how the series has turned out and the response I’ve been getting has been fantastic so thank you to everyone who has shown me support!!

This workout tones your whole body so is perfect if you don’t want to be doing lots of different workouts! It’s again a HIIT style workout (obviously) so you’ll want to do each exercise at your own pace and only take short breaks between each circuit. These workouts are difficult so don’t be disheartened if you struggle to complete it at first!

Circuit One

2 mins – Jog in place

1 min – Fast feet

2 mins – Jog in place

30 seconds – Burpees

Circuit Two

1 min – Jumping Jacks

1 min – Push ups

2 mins – Jog in place

1 min – Tricep dips

Circuit Three

1 min – Mountain climbers

1 min – Plank crunches

2 mins – Jog in place

1 min – Reverse crunch

Circuit Four

1 min – High knees

1 min – Squats

2 mins – Jog in place

1 min – Pendulum lunges

Let me know what you thought of this HIIT workout series and if you tried any of the workouts yourself!


8 thoughts on “HIIT style full body workout

  1. nicol says:

    i love doing HIIT sessions. i always say, if it doesn’t make you want to throw up at the end, you’ve not worked hard enough haha


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