Tips and Tricks to get you motivated for the gym

This is a guest post written by the lovely Yvie from Coffee Guaranteed

Tips and Tricks to get you motivated for the gym

We all have instances when we feel unmotivated about a certain area of our lives. Be it work, our fitness, or maybe even a hobby, we often come to a point where we think we just don’t have the motivation it takes to move forward. At this point, however, it is a case of doing little things to remind ourselves why we need to move forward, and what we have achieved so far. Below are a few tips and tricks (some smaller, some larger), to get you going when you are feeling particularly unmotivated about your workout sessions:

Green tea

Green tea is the perfect choice of detox when you have had a slightly more active weekend than planned. I tend to have a cup in the morning, before work, and one in the afternoon to wake me up after the lunch-time lull. It is great for speeding up your metabolism and can even give you that little energy boost which is often needed prior to the gym.

Green Tea

Music playlists

Whilst drinking my cup of green tea (particularly in the mornings before the gym), I plug in my earphones and listen to my gym playlist on Spotify. You’d be amazed at how good this can be in terms of getting you into that gym-mode. Just think, all of these tracks are songs which you listen to when working out at the gym, so you are subconsciously telling yourself to get up and get moving by listening to them.

Healthy food (including protein snacks)

Healthy food is a big one, especially when you are craving something sweet! Make sure you have fruit, seeds and sugar free syrups (I recommend MyProtein) in the house. These make for a fantastic little afternoon snack, and can be easily stored in a tupperware box for work as well to minimise that afternoon blood sugar drop.

Aside from the above snacks, I suggest increasing your protein intake (natural sources such as eggs, meat and fish are good enough for non-athletes, although I do have a protein shake after every gym session as well).

Protein Bars

Increasing your protein intake is hugely important as it releases energy at a much slower rate than high starch carbohydrates. This means that you tend to have much more energy for longer periods of time, and you also feel full for longer. Have a couple of boiled eggs with spinach, avocado and smoked salmon on rye bread, or an egg white omelette with prawns mushrooms and spinach to start off your day, and you will see how you tend to stay fuller for longer by doing this.

Stop saying ‘tomorrow’

I often find myself thinking “oh, I’ve been bad today, I won’t go to the gym but I’ll just be better tomorrow and go then instead”. This can turn into a vicious cycle and is extremely bad for you, when you are trying to motivate yourself to get back into your workout routine. I suggest that if you are bad, get yourself to the gym anyway (even if it’s just for 30 minutes of cardio).

If you keep telling yourself to go to the gym “tomorrow” you will not break the vicious never ending cycle of trying to get yourself into gear. I know it is a big cliche to say “you’ll feel better for it” but trust me, you will! You may be demotivated and unhappy for all of five minutes, but once you get into the swing of your workout, you realise how much better you feel, just by having gotten up from your sofa and venturing to the gym in the first place!

Set milestones instead of thinking about the end-goal

Setting an end goal is, of course, really important. We all have a goal weight, workout routine, or even goal running pace/distance which we would like to achieve by training. But only having this end goal in your sights can actually cause you to become demotivated because progress takes time, and often you are so far from the goal-post, you can’t even see it.

Therefore, it is so important to make sure you set little milestone goals along the way. For instance, if you are at a weight of 80 KGs and you want to drop by 15 Kgs, set 5 Kg milestones for yourself and reward yourself. The reward can be a new pair of shoes, or maybe even that new fitness activity tracker you’ve been eyeing up for ages. Make sure you reward yourself along the way so that you acknowledge your progress and feel better about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

Lastly: don’t do it to be ‘skinny’ do it to be ‘healthy’

This is probably the most important piece of advice given by most health professionals (and even fitness bloggers). Don’t go to the gym to ‘be skinny’ or ‘have abs’. Go to the gym to get fit and healthy. If you go for any other reason, you will lose interest because the results will not come as quickly as you expect them to. Going to the gym and working out is not about body image, but much more about how you feel. It is about releasing the day’s stress and feeling good within yourself.

*I just wanted to finish off this post by saying a huge Thankyou to Yvie for writing this post, I know that I’ve personally found it very helpful and full of advice that I’d never thought of so Thankyou Yvie! I you want to see more of Yvie you can find her here:


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9 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks to get you motivated for the gym

  1. fitandflawed says:

    Love this guest post! I’ve been looking for my motivation! And green tea really does work. I drink green tea every single day and I think I owe a lot of my weight loss to that. Music gets me pumped too!

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