My top tips for sticking to your exercise regime

I’ve had a few people ask me how I stick to the whole working out, eating healthy thing and before I started, I always used to wonder how other people did it. It’s one of those things that unfortunately puts a lot of people off. So that’s why I thought that if I shared my tips with you, then maybe it would give some encouragement to someone.
Before I start, I’d like to state the obvious that I am by no means an expert and that this is all just in my opinion!
First things first, you need to make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Your right reasons will differ from mine but as long as you’re doing it in a healthy way then you should be good to go!
You’ll want to create some sort of schedule or routine that you can stick to. There’s no point in saying you’ll workout 5 days a week if you know that you can’t stick to it! You’d be better off saying you’ll work out 2-3 days a week and plan those days around commitments you already have.
One thing I would say that most people struggle with is motivation. You won’t be motivated to work out everyday, that’s a fact. What does matter though is that you do it even when you’re not motivated. When you can’t be bothered or haven’t had the best day. If we only ever worked out when we were super motivated, nobody would ever see any results! So be harsh with yourself and get your butt moving!
That leads me onto my next point, be kind to yourself! Try to not over criticize yourself too much. There will be days when you don’t do as well as usual and days when you feel bloated and rubbish. It’s important to not let them get to you too much! By all means use it as motivation to get your butt moving but sitting around sulking all day isn’t going to do any good!
following on from that, reward yourself. When you’ve worked out when you really didn’t want to or when you hit a new personal best, give yourself a little treat! I see my chocolate flavoured protein shake as a reward after every workout.
Allow yourself to have a day off. Only when you actually need to, but if you’ve been spreading yourself too thin lately, have a day off! You won’t lose all your progress as long as you get back into the swing of things tomorrow!
It’s really, REALLY important to make sure you’re eating right when your working out. It’s important anyway but when your working out, you’re burning a lot more calories than usual. The effects it can have on your body could be quite damaging if you aren’t eating the right things. This will also help control your mood, how tired you are and how your body functions as well as fuelling your body!
Do it with a friend. Having a workout partner and somebody to answer to when you have one too many cheat days can help with your motivation and has shown to be a big factor in sticking to your exercise regime! One thing I would highly suggest though, is making sure you both have the same goals and ‘work ethic’ before you start. There’s nothing more annoying than a couple of months down the line, your workout partner gives up or starts losing interest in your goals.
Try keeping a record of what you do. It might sound a bit lame or tedious, but my little record book was the first place that I started seeing my progress. And, when I did, I was so excited and proud of myself! It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate (although I am a big fan of spreadsheets myself), you’ll just want to note down what you’ve done in each workout. For example, my squats record on my first workout was 12 x 5kg, 12 x 10kg, 8 x 15kg and for my last workout it was 10 x 20kg, 10 x 25kg, 8 x 30kg.
My last tip is to remember that it takes TIME. You can’t expect to see/ feel results in a week, you’ve got to allow yourself some time for it to work.
I’d love to hear what keeps you on track with your exercise regime so leave me a comment below!

12 thoughts on “My top tips for sticking to your exercise regime

  1. Caroline says:

    These are some great tips, I think it is so important to not set yourself up for disappointment. Like you say, stick with your schedule of a few times a week rather than every day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. misspond says:

    Great tips, I’ve completely lost my focus with exercise because of changing jobs and moving to a new city. I’ve decided to not let myself be guilty for this time off and start out slowly again when I am feeling more settled!

    Liked by 1 person

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