Becoming more productive 

Productivity is something that everyone wants to have more of. So, I thought I’d share with you some of my tips and tricks for being more productive.
Separate your time
The first thing I would suggest is having certain times of the day for ‘working’ and some for ‘relaxing’. By doing this, you are teaching your brain that there’s a time and a place to switch off and that’s not while you’re working!
Try to notice which times of the day you are most productive. For some people its first thing in the morning that they get the most work done. For me, right before and straight after lunch are my most productive times, followed by early evening. Once you’ve figured out what times you’re most productive during the day, you can plan your work around that. If you’re the type of person who gets lots of work done in the morning and burns out in the afternoon, use your afternoons to plan what you need to get done the next morning. That’ll mean that when you start work the next day, you can get straight into it without having to waste time deciding what to do first.
Keep your work space clean and tidy
Being in a clean, tidy environment can make a huge difference to your productivity. As the saying goes ‘a tidy desk = a tidy mind’.
Change up your location
A big thing that helps me when I’m in a bit of a rut is to get a change of scenery. For example, when writing blog posts I like to go sit in a cafe or outside with a cold drink if the weathers nice. Just by physically being in a different place you can get your brain fired up again. One thing I would advise against though, is trying to do work in bed or on your sofa. You want to keep places like your bedroom and sitting area primarily for relaxing, unwinding and socialising!
Take regular breaks
And finally, having short breaks is important for your brain to stay alert! Let yourself get up and move a little every hour or so (even if it’s just to grab a glass of water!) and when you sit back down to work you should feel a little bit more refreshed.
I hope this has helped you become a little more productive, let me know what your tips are for being more productive!

2 thoughts on “Becoming more productive 

  1. fitandflawed says:

    I love these tips. I tend to overwork myself, so taking breaks and separating my day can be really useful! I also love lists! I make a list for anything and everything so that helps my productivity as well.

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