Why staying hydrated is so important

We all know that it’s important to not let yourself get too dehydrated, but why? Well when you think that 60% of our bodies are water it’s no surprise that it’s a vital substance for us.
Why it’s important
1. Water helps your metabolism so when you’re hydrated, you digest food quicker and more effectively.
2. Your brain doesn’t function properly when you’re dehydrated. You’ll start to lose concentration and your reactions will slow down.
3. Muscle recovery relies heavily on your body being hydrated. That’s why you are more likely to injure yourself working out if you’re dehydrated.
4. Being hydrated will make your hair shinier, your nails stronger and your skin clearer.
5. Drinking enough water can help curb your appetite. This is because often, when you feel ‘hungry’ you actually just need some water!
Okay so now we know why it’s important to stay hydrated, but how do you make sure you’re drinking enough?
How to keep yourself hydrated
1. The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to be sipping on water throughout the day. It sounds simple enough but often people forget or just ‘can’t be bothered‘.
2. Eating lots of juicy fruits like oranges which are full of water can be a huge help!
3. A tip I’ve heard but admittedly haven’t tried myself, is drinking a glass of salt water first thing in the morning. The theory is that the salt will help your body retain water. Apparently, this is great for preventing a hangover too!
4. Listen to your body. When you start to feel a little bit thirsty or have a dry mouth, grab a glass of water! If you don’t like drinking water, fruit juices and fruity water are also great options!
5. What I find works best for me is to always have a bottle of water on me. I fill it up as soon as I finish it and that way I’ve never got an excuse to not be drinking enough water!
Let me know how you stay hydrated throughout the day in the comments!

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