My top 10 tips for a stronger willpower

I feel like everyone is good at setting goals for themselves, but most have a problem with actually achieving them goals. Not because we aren’t good enough, but because our willpower isn’t strong enough! So I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you on your way with your health goals this year!
Ease into it You wouldn’t run a marathon without any training, so make sure to give your willpower some training as well. Start out with something small and build yourself up (eg. a cold shower or going for a run when it’s raining). Small wins will encourage you and make you feel invincible!
Follow fitness blogs/ Instagram/ twitter accounts.
I know that when I see a chocolatey desert on my feed it makes me feel hungry. When I see pictures of other people working out or an inspiring post about health and fitness, it makes me want to get up and move. So, make sure you’re surrounding yourself with positive triggers!
Use inspirational quotes
Around your room/ home gym/ on your phone, wherever it is, surround yourself with as much inspiration as possible! (examples: ‘You got this’ ‘Just do It’ ‘I can and I will’)
Give yourself positive rewards
Or if this isn’t incentive enough give yourself rules and restrictions. For example, don’t let yourself watch tv until AFTER you’ve worked out, or say you can have an hour off doing your chores after you’ve worked out. One thing I like to do is reward myself with a flavoured protein shake after a workout. MyProtein does some great flavours, they taste like milkshakes but help your body repair itself!
Don’t get trapped on your phone
Avoid getting sucked into mindless activities before a workout (like phone games or watching tv) because it’s so easy to lose track of time or get lazy. Try doing the dishes or something mildly active so that you’re already up and ready to go.
Stay away from the negativity
Don’t check any non-motivational social media. It’s so easy to lose an hour scrolling through your Facebook news feed and the negativity on social media could easily put you off your goals.
Change up your workout routine
I would advise to keep it around the same time of day but don’t do the same exercises. It’ll get boring and your body will get used to it so you wont even be making any difference! Try targeting different areas of your body on different days for maximum results!
Don’t let exercise rule your whole life
If you’re not an exercise junkie by now then that’s probably not for you. Keep exercising to one part of the day and try not to think about it too much. Obviously make an effort to eat clean but again, you don’t need to be thinking about it all day everyday.
Being hydrated will give you energy and stop you from feeling like you ‘can’t be bothered‘ with anything, so make sure you’re drinking enough!
Stop looking for excuses
I can be very guilty of this, but if you just do it without thinking of excuses to not do it then you’ll feel so much better about yourself!
Let me know what tips you have for increasing your willpower!

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