5 healthy habits to start right now!

Over the past month or two I have been making a big effort to be more healthy. I have been working out, eating well and focusing on myself. The main thing I’ve learnt from this (besides how unhealthy I was!) is what a difference healthy habits can make.
By ‘healthy habits’ I mean anything that is doing something positive for yourself. I have come up with 5 healthy habits that have made a big difference in my life and that are pretty easy to get into.
They say that it takes around 30 days to develop a new habit so if you struggle to keep it up at first don’t give in just yet!
The first one I have for you is to make sure that you’re drinking enough water! This is such a simple yet vital thing that so many people fail to do. I used to be terrible at staying hydrated so this was quite difficult for me to get in the habit of doing. Now that I’m drinking plenty of water everyday I feel so much better for it!
It gives you more energy and your skin will thank you for it! (Hello, tiny pores!)
5 A day
My second habit is eating at least 5 portions of fruit/ veg a day. We’ve all been told since a very young age that we should be eating ‘5 a day’ but I know that I definitely wasn’t! Fruit and vegetables are one of those things you need to function properly. I know quite a few people who don’t eat enough fruit and veg but take artificial vitamin supplements, how ridiculous is that?! If you’re like me and have a major sweet tooth, then I would recommend eating lots of juicy fruits. Oranges, watermelon and pineapple all have a sweet taste as well as helping you stay hydrated.
Winding down
Winding down is something I used to do all the time, I would have a bath and read for a good hour every night before bed. Unfortunately, I fell out of that habit a while ago so I’ve been trying to get back into it this past month or so. Taking the time to wind down in the evening is very important. It gives you the chance to shake off all the stresses from the day and focus on getting a good nights sleep! I would recommend having a hot bath and reading because they both help me relax and get a better nights sleep.
Wake up on the right side of the bed
Starting the day on a good note was always something that I considered impossible. I’ve never been a morning person and have always had to drag myself out of bed to down about 3-5 cups of coffee before I even feel human in the mornings. So that’s why lately I’ve started making a conscious effort to change my mindset in the mornings. I now make sure to think in a positive perspective rather than thinking negatively.
Controlling your anxiety
My last habit is something that I use to help with my anxiety that would help a lot of people. Whenever I feel myself start to get a little bit overwhelmed or anxious, I give myself a minute to see if it will pass before making a move. I’d gotten into the habit of panicing at the slightest feeling of discomfort and getting myself out of the situation as fast as I could. That meant that I missed out on a lot of good things. Just because I ran away too soon, so by taking that minute to assess the situation, I can now experience more things without the fear of being trapped in a scary situation.
I hope these can help you build more of your own healthy habits and I would love to hear what habits you think are helpful in the comments!

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